Death is one of the most precious experiences in life. Yet it remains a dreaded event. Many people don’t look forward to death because we don’t know what to look forward to. How can you have more curiousity?

Rayne’s ‘Care & Prepare’ workshops are designed to help open up discussion, offer clarity and gain some knowledge around self care as well as caring for another at the end of life.

Contact Rayne directly at (780-642-8703) about her workshops on  Compassionate Integrative Therapies in End of Life Care, the Dharma Box Series and Edmontons Death Cafe.

She provides personal companionship to those dying and in need of more peace and hand holding to cross the threshhold.

Rayne also has a special gift to help family and friends care for the dying. She can help ease the stress of such a difficult time by teaching simple techniques in self care and various tools on how to be at the bedside of those dying. Helping people transform their fears of death into becoming curious!

She is part of a movement here in North America called ‘Death Midwifery also known as Death Doula’. Helping to empower and educate families in Death Care. More education and knowledge of options helps with the grief journey in so many ways. Facing death is very transformative for those involved.

Phone 780-642-8703   Cell 780-267-5007

Check out Edmonton’s Death Cafe, sign up to receiving information on workshops and webinars on Integrative Contemplative Practices for End of Life Care.

Ask about what is a Dharma Box?

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