Contemplative EOL Workshops

Contemplative Compassionate End of Life Care

is November 22/14

(or January 24, 2015)

Learn simple profound practices and techniques to support work in end of life care.

The difference between pain and suffering, pain meditations, contemplative practices and some hands on touch for transitioning. This workshop will support overall well-being and strengthen your resilience as well as increase confidence in working with the dying process.

And or contact Rayne at 780-642-8703 or

Rayne Johnson combines her 30 years of massage practice, years of Palliative work and many years of studying death care with a certificate from Naropa University in ‘Contemplative End of Life’.




We will prepare our own Dharma Box filled with our wishes and aspirations for the care of our body in death, as well as in the process of dying.

This series is for health care practitioners, chaplains, caregivers, the lay person -for anyone, in other words, who would like to explore ways of being with dying that serves both the caregiver and the dying person practically and spiritually.

Presented by Rayne Johnson    or    call   780-642-8703





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