Death & Dying Consultant

We can help…..

We help people and their loved ones have a

meaningful end of life and funeral experience

We provide information, support, guidance, and advocacy that empowers families to make informed decisions for end of life and after death care.

Families dealing with the dying and death of a loved one may have no knowledge or experience and be unprepared and afraid.

At the end of life families can get swept up into the big wheel of the conventional death care and funeral systems.

We help ease the stress and anxiety and normalize the process.

We are committed to supporting families in achieving an end of life experience that is meaningful and in alignment with their values.

Going forward after the loss of a loved one families can feel good about the care they provided and the decisions they made

We do most of our work in the home setting and in compliment to,

  • Home Care Teams

  • Palliative Care Teams

  • Social Workers

  • Other Health Care Professionals

“What you provided us was supportive, sensitive and personable – and exactly what we needed at the time.  Your compliment to the Home Care and Palliative Teams was what should be offered to everyone in our situation.”

– Shane

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Below are posters of some of our past events here in Edmonton…


Home Funeral Poster for online

When it comes to death and dying, western societies have become death phobic. People have become detached from the realities of end of life; medical technologies have raised life expectancies while death has become a process that happens behind curtains in institutions. There was a time, not so long ago, that death was a natural part of living and the dying came home to live out their end days.

Kathleen MillerEdmonton Home Funerals and myself, Rayne JohnsonDoing Deathcare Differently help to educate families on their options. We offer support for family and friends in the meaning and healing that can come from sitting with the body of a loved one before it is whisked away to the morgue and then Funeral Home. We also offer education and support to family and friends if they want to have a home death and/or vigil.

Home Funerals are growing…check this video out

After my father’s death, our family held vigil with his body present at home. We had built his casket here is a picture of the home vigil for Dad


Information Session on Final Matters- Kathleen Miller of ‘Edmonton Home Funerals and myself Rayne Johnson ‘Doing Deathcare Differently’ offer information sessions upon request. As our poster below explains…

Final Matters Info Session Flyer - revised Rev E

4 Responses to Death & Dying Consultant

  1. brandy says:

    Hi there,

    Can you please send me date, time and location of your next death café?

    Thank you!


    • Rayne says:

      Hi Brandy,
      Good to hear from you…The next one is November, hope you can make it, I have wondered where you are now working?
      Death Café
      November 16, 2014
      2 pm – 4 pm
      Held at Pilgrims Hospice
      9808-148 Street

  2. Bev says:

    Looking forward to the new dates for your programs and cafes in 2016.

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